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The domain name is and always has been owned by W. Wynne Zaugg, founder of HDLM, and I am no longer connected with that institution in any manner, by my choice. HDLM no longer has permission to use this domain name, or the artwork Thomas Transformation, aka Tommy, which they used only by permission in the logo and in any other manner, permission having been withdrawn. Likewise they may not use the artwork or book Circle of One any longer.

This site is used to share opinion and information you would not otherwise have access to, if you so desire.

1. Information from the AZ Corporation Commission website, claiming to be the directors and officers of HDLM as of 3/25/13.

Supporting Document for pdf download:

Fraudulent Annual Report

2) Copy of the deed

Supporting Document for pdf download:

Fraudulent Deed

3) Copy of disillusionment of corporation. The record is clear on one matter. Cindy Morton was willing to employ any means necessary to get her way. Given this record, alone, it’s difficult to believe any informed person could accept her word on this situation. This also applies to her word she said about anything, and the same applies to her oft named associates in this tragedy: Lisa Brothers, Susan Kregar, and Christina Montana. I have an e-mail from Lisa Brothers in which she says how proud she is to have worked with Cindy Morton , which may also be posted. As can be imagined, the appropriate Real Estate Authorities are being supplied with these and any other supporting documents we receive. For the record, Cindy Morton is licensed in AZ as a broker!

Supporting Document for pdf download:

Fraudulent Corporation Dissolution



The start of the ultimate demise of HDLM began late last Spring (2012) with an innocent looking e-mail from someone named Cindy Morton. She said how much she admired HDLM, its Mission and Vision, and the fact that it was a lifetime home. Such communication continued. After a while, her claims to have access to many large donors, and a willingness to help HDLM gain recognition and help from the greater Phoenix area, it seemed clear that she was an ideal candidate for a seat on the HDLM board.

Another person from Phoenix, Susan Kreager, also claimed to have ideas on fund raising and was ultimately nominated to the board. I might add that the only idea actually put forward was a high priced gala which would have taken far more resources than HDLM had, and the financial risk outweighed the possible benefit.

I felt strongly that we needed a really good draw, and tried, unsuccessfully, to get Kate Tweedy, daughter of Penny Tweedy, Secretariat’s human, to speak. I still feel that, with Kate speaking, the gala could have happened and been a big success. The group supposedly working on the event had no one in mind to serve as the draw. I refused to risk the thousands of dollars it would have taken, with what I viewed as little chance of success.

Cindy and Susan, later joined by Lisa Brothers, formed the core of the group that kicked me off the board on December 2, 2012. Before then, Cindy’s motive had become clear, she wanted to give HDLM to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, a group that tried, without success, to get all HDLM’s burros a couple of years earlier. History shows she would stop at nothing to try to make that happen. Documentation has been furnished to appropriate law enforcement to investigate, and presumably, prosecute people who committed fraud, and perhaps forgery.

It is important to note, that during Morton and friends time as part of the HDLM board, nothing was done, except by me, to raise funds. The most important job of the board for any non-profit is raising awareness and funds, period. I have many concerns about the lack of understanding of or actions taken concerning the fiduciary duties of board members since December 2, 2012, and will seek wise council about those concerns. First at hand is what I see as criminal frauds committed.

While Ms Morton was on the board, she brought a horse and a burro to HDLM. The horse, according to her, was termed dangerous by her trainer. Incidentally, those 2 short visits, during which she never walked around to see the other residents at all, were the ONLY VISITS Ms. Morton ever made to HDLM!! Susan Kreagar was there for about 20 minutes one time, during which she just spoke with Gary Johnson and I. She did not look at the residents either. Lisa Brother, another member of the gang, was at HDLM a few times because I helped her bring a horse wandering outside the south boundary of the Grand Canyon to HDLM for care until the temperature at New River had come down enough to minimize the discomfort for the horse to be moved to her place.

In all her visits, she expressed only positive thoughts and feelings for what went on at HDLM. When I share with her my feelings about the Great Non-profit Reviews about HDLM, some of which mentioned me specifically, she sent me a text “it is all true Wynne”. I saved that text. I find it interesting that she refused to join the board because “she disliked Cindy Morton and would not work with her”, yet by October or November she was on the board and had joined the hate talk. Incidentally, every person that has been so active in spreading hate and untruth about HDLM all wrote very positive reviews about HDLM which were posted on Great Nonprofits.

Were those lies, or was the ultimate agenda of destroying HDLM still hidden from some? Include in that group Christina Montana, one of the animal communicators that received messages from the residents included in the book Circle of One. Christina’s ONE VISIT to HDLM was about 8 years ago, yet she spews hate with the worst of them. She did this once before, about 3 or 4 years ago when Dr. Karen Hanks (then Peters-Young) was going to donors with lies, intending to take over and make HDLM “The Disney World of Arizona” with few animals and many things for humans. Christina did good work for the book, and I would not use her or refer to her again under any circumstances. She had apologized for her actions once, and then hopped right back on the hate wagon.

Interesting story about Hank, the horse that Cindy Morton brought to HDLM had an incredibly sore back. That is why he dumped the trainer. When I found out how sore his back was, I called Ms. Morton to tell her. I said she should fire a trainer who got back on a horse that sore, and I said if I was that horse, and the guy got back on my extremely sore back, I would have done a tap dance on his face. I guess she didn’t appreciate my comments.

At a HDLM board meeting, held at Cindy Morton’s house, she asked me why HDLM paid sales tax on purchases. I told her that charities are not exempt from paying tax on purchases. She replied that “other groups do not pay it”. I said I didn’t care what others do, I knew we had to. She said she would sign a certificate to save the money! I replied that if she committed fraud, I would turn her in myself. Guess she didn’t care for my response. I was shocked that no one else on the board was floored by what she said.

During my tenure as co-founder and various offices, including Executive Director and Treasurer, both Barb (co-founder Barbara Metzger) and I put many thousands of dollars (probably between $200-250,000, and exact figure is difficult because except for 1996, we never took deductions for our donations). It was my life for 23 years.

The board that made the decision to place all the animals and close is quite a group. None of them, except Peg Millet, a convicted felon who was treasurer was there once a week to take in the mail, do banking, and write checks. Until the last week, I still prepared the donation receipt forms for her signature. She was rude to the NACOG workers, who did a lot for HDLM and cost them nothing. She referred to them as peons. She turned out to be one mean vindictive person.

Dr. Karen Hanks (formerly Peters-Young) was never there. Not once did she walk around to visit the residents, or she would have seen the condition of the horses in March, and the feet that had no trims for a long time. She apparently was too busy. She told me that when Bobette and Dawn were on the board, she didn’t “feel welcome”. Apparently that was a good enough reason to be clueless about conditions there?

Why, one wonders, did people who had no interest, no participation, agree to serve on the board in the first place?

Why did Dawn Gonzales, former board member between the one that dumped me and the current one, send animals to be killed to feed the big cats at Out of Africa? Why did Bobette Havrick, former board member with Dawn Gonzales, allow that? Why did Dr. Hanks and Noel Breen not find out what was going on at HDLM while Dawn and Bobette were on the board? They were board members, and Dr. Hanks “not feeling welcome” allowed that to happen.

I got a phone call from someone who had taken 4 burros and 1 horse, with, according to the person named Bobbie, a promise for money to feed them for 3 months, promised by Amanda Marsh. That promise has not been kept, according to Bobbie. Bobbie called me for help! She says Amanda is not returning her calls. Really nice, Amanda!

Sharon and I went to visit 3 burros, an old mule, and a horse that went to Animal Krackers in Waddell AZ (just west of Phoenix). Amanda actually suggested I go check it out. The burros were in a pen along with some cows, a pile of scrap wood, old tires, and other junk, with NO shade and green water, and being fed alfalfa. At HDLM, which is cooler, they had a large shelter and water cleaned and filled daily, and no trash. Nice job, Amanda! The elderly mule had his head hanging almost to the ground, and it was not really hot there yet.

2 people were there when Hoofprints on the Heart picked up burros, and the director and his helpers were over heard saying "if we can't adopt them out we will just put them down".

There was no consideration, when placing the burros, or horses for that matter, in friendships or family members.

I cannot look into anyone’s heart to know beyond doubt their intentions. I can look at what they do and did to make an informed opinion. I do know that a place of unconditional love and respect for the residents is gone forever, for no valid reasons except hate and incompetence and lack of effort. And who paid the price for the things with 2 legs and no wings again? When will the human species actually learn? For those of you who visited, and knew what HDLM was, I would like to hear from you if you are willing to share. The 105 five star reviews on while I was running HDLM were humbling, and so appreciated.

One final thing to share. All the hate Cindy Morton told about the conditions and treatment of animals at HDLM, she never asked for “her” horse or burro back. Never, until very recently, even though several people asked her “how can you leave them there if is so bad”?

I have done all I can, by giving documents to appropriate law enforcement, something the current board did not do.

I can look in the mirror, can they?

My family and I will be together again. I don’t know when or where. And I don’t need to at this moment in time.

As I sit and contemplate this, I am drawn to re-read Native Wisdom for White Minds, by Anne Wilson Schaef. I encourage all to read this incredible book of Native Wisdom. It can help us heal and reconnect with the real world, in which we are part, not separate or “in control”. The residents at HDLM, my family, were and are here to help humans learn.

W. Wynne Zaugg
PO Box 1184
Chino Valley, AZ 86323

May 1, 2013

HDLM Board Members,

I am very happy to be volunteering at HDLM again. It is amazing to see how
much the animals? health has improved since Wynne has been back. When I
started working at HDLM the animals were happy and healthy. I?ve seen many
animals giving Wynne more love than I?ve seen them give anyone. The only
reason I am back volunteering is because I know as long as Wynne is there
the animals will be taken care of. I don?t believe anybody has as much
passion for the animals as he does. In the past funds have been low but
there was always food to feed and when I saw an animal that looked sick
Wynne already knew about it and had the vet on the way. The sanctuary
didn?t have all these problems and really just needed help fundraising so
they could afford supplies and qualified help.

I have expressed my interest to several board members to help with
fundraising but have not been given the opportunity to help. I attended
the recent barbeque to meet the new board members and discuss fundraising
ideas but only Wynne and Barbara were there. I have heard that Barb
recently resigned. Can?t help think she was as frustrated with the
situation as I am. I have also expressed my interest in becoming a board
member and was told the board is not taking new members until they make
sure all the current members are aligned and the sanctuary?s legal issues
are solved.

Since I have been back there is still so much uncertainty and no direction.
I am not sure I can continue to volunteer knowing that Wynne and volunteers
like me could be kicked off leaving the animals to starve again. I want to
help but care too much about the animals to watch them suffer again. It was
incredibly hard to watch what the previous board members did and have no
control over the situation. I realize that I do not know what the board
has been dealing with behind the scenes but I see the animals every week,
which is the reason we are all involved in this. They are looking so much
better and I don?t want them to lose their caretaker again. I want to help
fundraise and continue feeding but don?t know who to ask about an animal?s
health issues or fundraising ideas. Who is authorized to make everyday
operating decisions and fundraising decisions? Is Wynne officially in
charge of the animals? care and food? As a feeder, I have seen the horses
suffer through all the food changes and just don?t want to see the past
mistakes repeated.

Thank you for your time,


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The residents have all found homes somewhere else.